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The Haj - Leon Uris "We wanted to build a Singapore and they wanted a Somalia" I heard those words from an Israeli businessman as I looked over the Erez crossing and industrial park. What I saw of the Palestinian areas during my visit there conforms to what this book has to say about the impact of the religion, the wars and the culture on Palestinian society. This is a sad and depressing book, as it gives you a view from the Palestinian side of the events before and after the establishment of Israel. It is well worth learning about the islamic mind and how they react or think about the modern world. Truly, it is a culture adapted to the harsh environment and mercy or love have little place there. I felt some empathy for the Palestinians as they watched the Jews come back to their ancient homeland and bring the desert to life. The point most interesting to me was how the Palestinians felt like they were paying the price for the barbarism of modern Europe in WWII. I have some sympathy for that point. But not much as the Jews always have held a right to live in Israel. The most infuriating part of the story is the barbaric, medieval treatment of the women as property or slaves. The fact is that one half of the population will never contribute much to advancing the culture and society. This book illustrates how dysfunctional this group of people is. It is not a pleasant read but it is accurate in portraying this society