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Dragonflight (Pern: Dragonriders of Pern, #1) - Anne McCaffrey What a disappointment. It started out just fine with Lessa, sole survivor of her family wreaking revenge on the evil dude who conquered "Ruatha Hold". The whole dragon/human mind meld thing was okay too. The part that really disgusted me was the whole raping/physical abuse shtick by the supposed hero. My thoughts were, if this was my daughter as the heroine, then the only thing to be done would "bag and tag" that F'lar a**hole cause I would have invented the .45 cal and then blown his head off with it. I don't get why this was important to the storyline, gee abuse the girl long enough and she'll fall for you in the end. Frankly thought it was stupid.

Another thing that r'ally ann'yed me was the st'pid ap'strophe w'y to sp'll ev'ryone's friggin' n'mes!!! I want to pour scalding hot klah on the whole bunch.

The premise that the world forgets, within a few years, a recurring extraterrestrial threat that destroys entire continents was idiotic. If they really forget the whole technological base that enabled them to defeat the "threads", the whole society deserves to perish. And "threads" are not a very exciting enemy, "wow, look at them falling from the sky in clumps..."

Dialogue sucks mostly. Toward the end, there were parts where somebody "roared" with laughter, but I never saw anything remotely funny to cause it.

I was really looking forward to a long and interesting series but not here. Good thing I didn't buy any of the follow-on's. I may have a tough time starting some of her other novels I have on the "to-read" list.