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The Guns of August
Barbara W. Tuchman, Robert K. Massie
Voyagers in Time - Robert Silverberg,  P. Schuyler Miller,  David L. Masson,  H.G. Wells,  Lester del Rey,  William Tenn,  Alfred Bester,  Poul Anderson,  Larry Niven,  Michael Moorcock,  C.M. Kornbluth,  Wilma Shore Time travel classics by some of your favorite sci-fi masters. These short stories are dated in technology but are absolutely timely in story and characters. "Dominos" was the classic story of going a short distance in the future to get winning stock picks...the plan didn't quite work out. Flux was another great one about alternate universes. Only one of the 12 was not worth reading, "Travelers Rest", because it was confusing.