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State of Fear - Michael Crichton Do you enjoy seeing pompous, self-righteous jerks get their rightful comeuppance? Then you will like this book. Dr Crichton delivers his usual competent tour through a scientific realm, mixing a decent amount of action and suspense with actual facts. Global warming zealots are the target here and he hits the bull’s eye, judging from the reaction about this book. The book reads exceptionally fast for all the science and background explanation necessary. For the average person with a little common sense, this story is a great read that will leave you shaking your head as you ponder the far-left fanatics of the environmental movement.

The story revolves around a lawyer and his rich client who donates money and dabbles in the environment advocacy arena. On the other side is the Earth Liberation Force and associated fellow travelers, like the front group “NERF” who seek to control the political agenda. The problem is the science is not working out for the global warmers. So the more radical elements decide to kind of push Mother Nature along with a few “natural” disasters, aided by technology. Some of the selected disasters are more believable than others. They are all timed to reinforce the outcome of a conference on global warming and a “call to action”.

Things pick up at the beginning as a shadowy MIT professor and a friend come into the picture to warn the rich guy off because his money is going to support terrorist activity. The rest of the book is essentially discovering what the terror targets are and trying to stop the attacks. I thought the book was weak in a few areas. Many of the characters are caricatures, the wimpy lawyer, the drunken big-shot Hollywood actor (who has a delicious part), the strong silent government agent, the hyperactive, crazed global warming activists, the ditzy wife of rich LA guy, etc. Frankly, there needed to be more activity by some of the real official organizations charged with investigating and stopping terrorist activities and less freelancing by the hodgepodge team that comes together to stop the bad guys. It would still have made a great story and more realistic.

Global warming advocates are on a religious crusade, faith in rapid heat rise and world collapse replacing the more conventional religious doctrines. This book does great service by giving facts and references to seek out more knowledge on the topic. The idea that the earth’s status was somehow at a perfect temperature state in the recent past and shouldn’t change seems pretty arrogant and childish.

Crichton skewers the people behind the global warming hysteria. The actors with their 15,000 sq. ft. homes, SUV’s, private jets, vacation homes, etc want everyone else to live frugally but not them. As if to punctuate the buffoonery on the enviro side, an article by Andrew Ross Sorkin, published 20 Mar 08, details a gathering of business and political guys to discuss saving the world and getting rich. Google it: “At island retreat, Branson and friends seek to save a world 'on fire' “