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Aztec - Gary Jennings Sometimes a book is in your stars, you are fated to read it. I had this book for years, carted it around the world, but never could get beyond the first page. Threw it out several times but always picked it out of the trash, tried to sell it at garage sales, my wife threw it out...rescued again. Then one day I picked it up and started reading. And never put it away until I finished. It is a game-changing book, opening you to a world that you simply never knew existed. It isn't so much the story about Mixtli, it's the completely believable society of the Azteca before, during and just after the Spaniards arrive. It is a huge story and needs all 1000+ pages to do justice. Highly recommended if you want to know about a mythic society that was destroyed by the Hispanic tidal wave of the time. How that society fell from power is a fascinating story.