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The Guns of August
Barbara W. Tuchman, Robert K. Massie
1776 - David McCullough Fireworks and the Declaration of Independence are the only 2 things we normally associate with 1776. I thought I had a good outline of the war. Was I wrong, this book reveals so much that is skipped over in most history classes and books. Read this incredible story to find out the real story of that fateful year. How close we came to being crushed by the dominant military power in the world. What increased admiration I have for the men who fought through to end that year in victory when all seemed lost. Washington comes through as a real person, not some misty legend. He made plenty of errors on the way to learning how to lead an army. The stories of Greene and Knox are also wonderfully revealing. Should be mandatory reading for all high school students. And it is a easy book to get through-I wish there were some more maps but that's me. Story is fine as it is.