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Shadows in Flight - Orson Scott Card Orson Scott Card’s Shadows in Flight is a 5 Star ride at light-speed with Julian “Bean” Delphiki and his three similarly gifted and cursed children. Bean is simply the best character from the original Ender’s Game and this chapter in the tale is pure gold, at least for me. Bean is a genius due to genetic modifications but that tinkering has also caused a problem, giantism. Bean doesn’t stop growing and his kids will have the same genius brain but also the same disease. They are loaded on a spaceship and accelerate to near light speed in the hope that research on Earth over hundreds of years will find a cure while they only age slowly in space. This book is barely over 200 pages and just perfectly written. The kids, little Andrew “Ender”, Carlotta and Cincinnatus “Sergeant” Delphiki are locked in a struggle to grow up, survive and find a cure, while their Dad has grown so large, (4.5 meters tall) and weak, he can only live in the cargo bay at low gravity. The story of what Bean and his kids discover along the way is heartwarming, tragic, happy, sad, and yet, gives hope. Trust me on this one, if you are a fan of the Ender Saga, you will love this part of it.