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Speaker for the Dead (Ender's Saga, #2) - Orson Scott Card 5 Star all-time favorite best book. I have no idea why this second reading of Speaker for the Dead was so moving. My previous rating of 3 Stars is now incomprehensible to me. I am not a very emotional person and I have seldom been moved to laughter, tears, heartache or sheer joy while reading but this book did all that. I was mesmerized by the story of Ender, the colonists of Lusitania, the pequininos, Jane, Novinha and the Hive Queen. So very different from Ender's Game and, yet, so perfect a sequel. There are hundreds, if not thousands of reviews on the book. I can add little except note that you will find:

Laughter Grief
Delight Anger
Joy Sorrow
Desire Rejection
Serenity Rage
Elation Desolation

Treat yourself to Ender’s Game and follow up with this one. What a little treasure.