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The Doomsday Book - Connie Willis, Jenny Sterlin I am very concerned. I read “The Doomsday Book” time travel saga, eagerly anticipating it based on the many Goodreads reviews that highly praise this story. Many reviewers whom I trust rave about this book. I just didn’t see it at all, not a bit. Not only was it supremely boring, but annoying. The first 120 pages can be summarized: “something is wrong”. During the next 180 pages, the rest of the characters realize there is “something wrong”. Yawn! I felt like slapping virtually every character in the book at one point or three to stop whinging and get on with a rescue. I didn’t care for any except the village priest and, just barely, the main character, Kivrin. Willis made Britain and the British so depressing, I doubt I will ever go there again. This is a multiple award winner, incluiding the Nebula Award and I can’t imagine why. There is nothing “amazing” in this story. The science is minimal and never explained. The technology of 2054 was not impressive at all. I at least expected some interesting adventure in medieval times but nada. So I come back to questioning, what am I missing here?