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Gettysburg--Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill (Civil War America) - Harry W. Pfanz WARNING: PROFESSIONAL MILITARY READER, CLOSED COURSE. Unsupervised reading [b:Gettysburg--Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill|1022630|Gettysburg--Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill|Harry W. Pfanz|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1347490844s/1022630.jpg|1008757] can and will result in serious injury to desire to learn more about Gettysburg. Don't Try This at Home Without Military History Professional Available for Assistance!

If you are familiar with Gettysburg, you probably know Pickett's Charge well, that march into carnage on the third day. You probably know about Chamberlain and his bayonet charge on Little Round Top. Maybe you are somewhat knowledgeable about the initial meeting of the armies on the first day. But many are not all that aware of the fight on the right of the Union line, the "hook" to the north. Mr Pfanz clears up any confusion or lack of knowledge with incredible detail, almost minute-by-minute and yard-by-yard recounting of the battle. Fantastic book for anyone wanting to do a battlefield tour. Superb reference for the Gettysburg aficionado. Probably bore the casual historical reader to tears. Mr Pfanz tells a good story but not always riveting. If you want to know how close the Confederates came to winning, this book is a must. 4 Stars in recognition of clearly superb scholarship.